About Us


Elite Fitness Center is a personalized fitness facility that gives you a complete "HANDS ON" approach to fitness. The Elite Fitness Trainers will help you in every aspect ofyour training. Everything from your workout routine to a balanced nutrition plan. We utilize state of the art technology in assessing our client's fitness levels and then use proven scientific methods to achieve incredible results in all of the areas listed below:'"

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Decrease in Body Fat
  • Improved Stamina
  • Self Confidence
  • Balance
  • Strength

What Makes Us Different?

When you join the Elite Fitness Center, you are doing a lot more than joining a "GYM". You are taking the first step towards creating a "NEW YOU". Anyother gym membership simply gives you a membership to a room full of equipment. At Elite Fitness, you now belong to a team! A team that will help coach you in every aspect of your training (resistance training, cardio vascular training, and nutritional counseling, tracking your fitness levels, and monitoring your body fat %). Elite Fitness will help you achieve your goals!


All Elite Fitness Trainers are certified by ISSA (Internatoinal Sports Sciences Association). All of the trainers are "up" on all the latest training techniques to help their clients attain their goals.

Sharing knowledge and helping you reach your full potential is what we do best.


Physical Benefits

  • Sharpened reflexes & better balance
  • Improved health & longevity
  • Greater muscle tone & flexibility
  • Increased strength & stamina
  • Weight loss & control

Mental Benefits

  • Enhanced self-image/respect
  • Greater self discipline
  • Improved Concentration
  • Stress reduction